Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Page for the Scrapbook

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love having photos done. I feel the same way about our yearly family photos that most women feel about their wedding day.

That is, in the weight loss sense.

You know that sense of urgency women feel to look their best and be their thinnest on their wedding day? They just *have* to fit into that wedding gown perfectly. I never felt that. I happily walked down the aisle in my size 24/26 dress, as a matter of fact i GAINED weight before my wedding, and not just 5lbs. That is part of what motivated me to lose weight in the first place, seeing my 250lb self in that big, fluffy, white dress. Those photos are plastered all over my home, and i'm not proud of them. I pretty much hate myself in them, i hate that at the time, i saw nothing wrong with the way i looked, i thought i was perfectly healthy.

Now, every time our family photos come up, i feel like i'm getting kind of a redo on my wedding day. I see it as my biggest push of the year to do the best i can, give all i can give, and ultimately go into being happy with the knowledge that i have done my absolute best for my health lately.

This year was no different. I worked my butt off last month, cut out all my crap eating, worked out at least once a day, drank all the water i should be drinking and then some, took my vitamins, took fantastic care of my skin, and got the sleep i so desperately needed. I treated my body like a temple, like it deserves to be treated. It was a tough month no doubt but the end result was a loss of 7lbs in October and being able to go down a size in dresses and shirts. One step closer to goal!

Our photos were Sunday (With the amazing Brianne http://briannebradburyphotography.com/) and i can't wait to see the end result. We started getting our photos done with Brianne after i had lost my first 10lbs so her photos tell a story every year and i treasure them.

I can't wait until one day, i reach goal, have my wedding dress altered and step back out to have a "Trash the dress" shoot. To finally give me peace about the size 24 dress i walked down the aisle in. For now, i will be happy with my yearly photos, something to add to my weight loss timeline. 20 more pounds to go...

After our photos on Sunday

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