Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Rules To Live By: Motivation & Mindset

I love Pinterest. Period.

When it first came about and someone invited me, i had no desire to visit the site. It was confusing to me, and honestly i'm a pretty busy lady, i don't need yet another online addiction to spend way too much time on. Time went on, i had some insomniac nights, and i started getting in to it. Lately it has served as a good weight loss resource for me. I get in a slump, or get bored with my workout routine and new ideas are right there at my fingertips. Tired of the same old recipes? Easy, look on pinterest. New workout gear? Pinterest. Motivation? Pinterest. Easy as that.

Today i repinned something from a friend and it got me to thinking about how many people ask me for help and ideas. I constantly have people asking how i have lost the weight, and honestly i never know how to answer them. Hard work and dedication? Sweating my butt off at the gym? Drink water? All those things are true, but in reality it's way more than that and so hard to explain at the drop of a hat. I actually started this blog in the first place so that when someone asked me those questions i could direct them here, and have yet to really make a post on it. Unfortunately (for all of you) if i put it all in one place, it would be way too much reading, so i will break it up in parts to make it easier.

Here is part one - Motivation and Mindset                  *You can find part 2 here*

In order to lose weight, you have to want it. You can't lose weight and get lasting results just because your friend wants to lose weight and wants you to go to the gym with her. You won't lose weight because your Mom/Brother/Doctor/Friend tells you to. You have to do it for you, you have to really want it, and most importantly you have to believe that you can do it. I tried losing weight a thousand times before, but i gave up a week into it. Why? Because i didn't want to work for it, i didn't want to change my habits, and honestly i was pretty ok with myself. This time was different, it was like a light bulb went on over my head and i just knew it was going to happen. I remember the exact moment, where i was, and what i was doing when i finally realized that i COULD do this and started believing in myself.

In order to have success, you also have to figure out why you want to lose weight in the first place. Like me, have you been obese your entire life? Are you generally unhealthy and worried about medical issues? Do you just want to look hot in a bikini? All are valid, you just have to find your motivation, get your head in the right place, set your mind to something, and do it.

My reasons for starting - 

1) I wanted to teach Loralei (and now D & J) how to be healthy. I didn't want her to be the kid getting teased about her weight, or missing out on activities because her parents were too out of shape and unhealthy to play with her.

2) I wanted to be healthy for myself. I didn't want to have to worry about diabetes and heart problems at a young age, like so many of my family members have.

3) I wanted to be able to go shopping with my friends without having to ask them to stop in the plus size store for me. My friends could spend all day shopping from store to store, and i always came in at the end, having only one store to choose items from. I hated it. I just wanted to be average. At the time i couldn't even wear boots (my calves were too large), or normal size bracelets. Do you know how humiliating it is to have to shop for a plus size bracelet?

4) I hated my wedding photos. You have all heard this before. I don't hate the photos, i hate ME in the photos. The one day i was supposed to be at my most beautiful and i was at rock bottom. Looking at those photos is still pure motivation daily.

5) I wanted to look HOT. I did not want to look good for being a mom. I did not want to look normal. I did not want to be skinny. I want to be hot, toned, healthy, and fabulous. Period.

I had a huge mental battle to get to where i am. I had to figure out every single reason for why i wanted to lose weight and recite them to myself daily to keep me going. I'm always asked if i can bottle my motivation, well here it is. Those 5 things are my motivation. I might lose my way from time to time, but then i see those reasons for starting, and i get back on track. Motivation is the hardest part, if you have that, you can have everything.


Mels <3

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