Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Musings

I'm currently in the middle of "No-Weigh November" and quite honestly it scares me a bit. I heavily rely on my scale to tell me where i am and how i am doing on the weight loss front. My scale is my best friend and worst enemy at times. Currently it's a little bit of both. I see my weight stall for weeks on end sometimes and it winds up frustrating me, only sending me running straight to the ice cream aisle at the grocery store. I'm at the point in my weight loss where i am having to be really strict with myself and teach my body how to be healthy, without that number on the scale to guide me or frustrate me.

That being said, my next weigh in will be the day before Thanksgiving so hopefully there will be a nice change by then. I know what i am hoping for but i will keep the number to myself right now.

Onto Thanksgiving prep. I'm trying to find ways to keep the holiday and healthy and still as delicious as possible. So far i don't have any specific recipes but i do have some ideas that i plan to try and follow.

Wild Rice Stuffing instead of typical stuffing
Whole Grain Stuffing

Parsnips along with Mashed Potatoes
Creamy herb cheeses in Mashed Potatoes instead of all the salt/butter/sour cream

Spraying the turkey with a low fat olive oil spray instead of all the butter

Quinoa as a side dish instead of typical pasta dishes

Making my own whole grain rolls and bread

This list will get bigger, those are just a few small ideas. I'm trying to gather things and try them out next week. As usual i will be following my rule of using leaner meats, whole grains and brown pastas, and lowfat dairy on that day. The small things have made all the difference in my lifestyle change over the years.

As for No-Weigh November. I'm working out every single day this month. I will make that scale move. This plateau will not get the best of me. I haven't stopped before, why would i stop now?

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