Monday, October 29, 2012

The Great Cereal Debate

Years ago (ok like, 3) when I first started trying to lose weight I had a huge turning point one night. Otherwise known as a meltdown of epic proportions that would put my 2 toddlers and preschooler to shame. I think I was maybe 1 week in to my weight loss journey, it was about 10pm, dinner was long over, and I was still hungry. All I could think about was cereal, a big bowl full of corn flakes and milk.


I remember wanting it so badly that I was grumpy and depressed, trying to justify to my Husband why I should eat it. I talked the subject to death for over an hour, then came the meltdown. I was literally in the floor, crying like my 3 year old, because I wanted something to eat and knew I shouldn't have it.

"It's just a bowl of cereal"

"Milk is good for me"

"I don't go to bed until 2am anyways"

"I will workout longer tonight"

Those are all valid points that I remember making to myself. What I wasn't saying though was more important.

"Am I really hungry?"

"Why do I want to eat?"

"Am I thirsty?"

"Why do I want cereal?"

"Am I just bored?"

I wasn't thinking about those things, I was just thinking about how I really wanted something else to eat, even though I had already eaten a more than adequate dinner. I was however, in tears, because I knew that if I could say no to that, I could say no to anything and maybe I would be able to succeed in weight loss this time. It was only a bowl of cereal, but it was a lot more to me, it was a symbol of all my hopes and dreams for my future body.

I chose an apple, and a bottle of water, and I worked out. Then i went to bed, happy, that I had said no and would survive to see another day of weight loss.

I still have those days. Unfortunately I let them win out sometimes lately, because I have gotten comfortable where I am. I'm trying to say no more often, because I am so close to winning this race. Today i'm trying to say no over some yummy leftovers from dinner last night. I had completely forgotten about them, until I opened up the fridge to make my munchkins some lunch, and there they were, just staring me in the face, begging me to eat them for lunch. I have lunch planned already, yet now those leftovers are haunting me, and i'm having another inner battle, just like that night with the cereal. I even went so far as to lay my leftovers out on the counter, getting ready for me to eat.

I was strong enough to say no that night, with the cereal. I'm strong enough to say no today.

What can you say no to today?

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