Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Fall Already?

We moved near the end of August. Moving is tough. It's been hard on the kids, adjusting to the new place, it's been tough on the husband, farther commute to work, and it's been tough on me, mostly on my waistline. My weight has been yo-yoing all summer within a 10lb range, nothing too drastic in the gain department but nothing fantastic in the loss department either. When we moved, i think i just kind of gave up for a while, i was beginning to wonder if i would ever get my motivation back.

It seems to have finally found me again. 2 full months later. Better late than never right? I've been working out with Turbo Fire videos this week and wow have they been kicking my butt. I've also kicked all sweet food and soda out of our house and started having much healthier lunches. My results are down over 3.5lbs this week. I'm pretty happy about that! My goal is to lose 7 more over the next 3 weeks. I definitely have my work cut out for me. Here's to hoping that next week, the yo-yoing cycle doesn't continue, and instead the scales moves in my favor again.

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