Friday, April 6, 2012

Wearing My Mommy War Wounds Proudly

Holy cow am i behind on here! Thankfully that is only in the blogging world because in the weight loss world i am still rocking and rolling. Only a little over 3 weeks to go until my big vacation, can you feel the excitement?!

Let's start with the boring stats. At my last weigh in i was down 3lbs, Yep 3!!! I was shooting for 2 so i was ecstatic with those results. That brought me down to 172lbs, only 2lbs away from 110lbs total lost, that's my next goal, and hopefully will see that one within the week!

I also hit an amazing milestone...

I went bikini shopping... *Insert dramatic music here*

For the first time in my entire life, i went in the fitting room with an arm full of two-piece suits. The next hour was filled with jumping up and down, wiggling, a lot of sucking it in, and a little bit of wishing and praying, and it all paid off because i walked out with 5 suits!

Now I'm nowhere near having washboard abs, but when you go from a size 24/26 to a 10, you can get away with a bikini any day and feel confident. As women we are way too harsh on ourselves, picking at every little flaw. We only live once!!! I for one, am proud of how far i have come and i am ready to feel sexy and girly for the first time in my life. No more hiding behind a fat suit for me. My poor sun virgin belly is going to be soooo burnt...

This is a before/after photo i posted for a weight loss challenge i just completed. There is no touching up or staging at all, just a cell phone camera and a mirror. 

Five weeks, that's it! Can you believe what is possible in five weeks? Crazy proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.  I can't wait to see what it's like when i leave for vacation, hopefully a good 5lbs lighter and a heck of a lot more toned.

Operation: beach body 2012 is in full swing! 

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