Monday, March 5, 2012

Weigh-in 3/5/12

It's that time again...weigh in day.

Dun Dun Dun...

A couple of weeks ago i decided to give it a go with changing up my weigh in days. SUPER BAD IDEA! I have still shown losses every week, but nothing like what i want to see. Tonight i was back on track 100% with my Monday weigh ins and Weight Watchers meetings and it felt good. I'm a weekend eater, and i know that. Monday is the best weigh in day for me, it breaks that awful weekend habit because who in their right mind is going to stuff their face with french fries on Saturday knowing full well they have to face the scale on Monday?

Someone who is NOT going to lose weight. That's who. As of today, i am down to 177lbs. One little pound from my lowest weight ever in November 2010. The baby weight hasn't come off quick, but i'm pretty happy with it all. My little twins aren't yet 9 months and i'm 1lb from my lowest weight every. Hopefully by the time they hit that 9 month milestone, i will have breezed into new weight loss territory that i have never seen. As of Tuesday, i am exactly 8 weeks out from my belated honeymoon. My original goal was to be at 169 by the time i leave, i'm going to push it a little further and aim for another 15lbs lost by then. If i don't hit my goal, it's ok, but i would rather aim high and enjoy the amazing rewards if i reach that goal rather than get lazy because my goal is too low. I am 22lbs over my ultimate goal...22lbs! HOLY CRAP! I never thought i would see that day. When you have over 100lbs to lose, everything looks pretty impossible. Yet here i proof that nothing is impossible.

Stay healthy! Look from some of my own little workout challenges to be posted soon.

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