Monday, February 20, 2012

100lb Success

I've been so unbelievably busy that i haven't been around to update my last couple of weigh ins. Tons of good news to share!

I'm still loving my journey with Weight Watchers. Finally i have found something that works and doesn't make me feel deprived. I don't even feel like i NEED cheat days where as before i would live for the weekend. The biggest plus i see to the program is that even if i don't have time to workout for hours every day, i still lose weight. I've barely been able to workout for the last two weeks due to visiting family and various appointments. I've gotten in walks and the random workout from time to time but nothing consistent like i like to do. Surprise surprise, i'm still losing weight!

As of Saturday i was down 15lbs since starting WW just a few weeks ago. I'm below pre-pregnancy weight, back in my pre-pregnancy clothing/sizes, and back at my 100lbs lost! FINALLY! Now i am only 4lbs from my lowest weight ever and i can move on to brand spanking new territory.

This week i am working on a 2x a day workout routine, just to jumpstart things again and hopefully reach my lowest weight ever within the next two weeks. My mornings start with a workout a friend shared with me that she found on Pinterest called "The 100 Workout". I honestly thought it wouldn't be too good of a workout and was fully prepared to do something in addition to it but it took at least 30 minutes and kicked my butt! Definitely a good way to start the day. My evenings will be a mix of all my new Bob Harper Dvd's that i haven't tried yet.

I also have my honeymoon booked for May 1st of this year and i need to be beach body ready! I set a goal for myself of 169lbs by then, that is still my goal but i also want to tone up a tone. I have a lot of goals set out, and plan on reaching every one of them.

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