Monday, February 6, 2012

Weight watchers weigh-in: Week 2

Anyone else hate the dreaded week 2? Its usually a killer. Week 2 usually sees a lot of disappointed people, people giving up. Everyone is coming off of the really exciting week 1, expecting a follow up, being let down. Every week can't be week 1...and it shouldn't be! In my opinion, surviving week 2 weeds out the giver uppers from the lifers. This isn't for two weeks, your not going to reach goal in two weeks, and you shouldn't. This is for the long haul, this is for life. If you can live in the healthy weight loss world for 2 weeks, you can do anything!

Well, I made it through my 2 weeks, and my results prove it! On a whole, I'm down 11lbs since beginning weight watchers. My jeans are falling off (hellooooo shopping spree!) And my shirts are fitting better. What's better? I'm at my lowest weight since my twinsies were born and only 3lbs above pre-twin weight. Its a happy day!

I have a huge goal set for myself, I will share soon!

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