Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shaking things up a bit

Super exciting news in the world of me...I joined Weight Watchers! I have had a few friends suggest it for a while now, and after an awful start to the year as far as weight loss is concerned i finally decided to give it a go. The verdict?

Surprise surprise, it works! I'm loving it already. I am on week 2 and have now gone through my first official weigh in. During week 1 i lost 7lbs. Results aren't typical, and definitely won't continue like that but i feel like i have finally found something that dumbs it down and makes it easy for me and i'm ecstatic! It's really hard to be a mom of three little ones and count calories all day long. Even then i'm never really sure if i should be counting calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sodium...? You can't really count them all and make the absolute right choices all the time. Weight watchers has made it so much easier for me. There really is no gray area, it's all black and white, and that's what i need. Best of all, it's not a fad...this weight will get off and stay off.

In other exciting news, i order a ton of new Bob Harper (you all know how i love him!) dvd's for working out and i can't wait to start reviewing those and feeling the burn. I did my first workout with one of them tonight and i was sweating buckets. Who doesn't love that?!?! Wanna sweat, get with Bob. FOR SURE! I will post which workouts i do and what i think of them along the way in case anyone else wants to jump on the wagon with me.

That is all from my corner of the world. My weigh ins are on Mondays now so be on the lookout for super exciting Monday posts!

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