Thursday, January 19, 2012

Routine Routine Routine

I survived the holidays once again, and without a gain! Talk about happy! Now it's back to the grind and back to reality. I'm working on making a consistent routine for my family. Not only does it help my little babies but it sets aside a block of time for me every day to workout. I'm trying to figure out which block of time works best for me will hopefully get in a good groove soon. This morning i tried my workout right when i woke up. It was great and is giving me motivation for the rest of the day, and i got the added weight of my 35lb toddler on my back the whole time! Yeah...early mornings might not work...

I have started my 30 day challenge on the EA Sports Active for wii. I have done it before with great success. I am doing that in addition to the 200 squats/200 crunches/100 pushups challenges i have done before. I love these challenges. They are short, you can do them in blocks if you don't have time to workout for hours at a time, and they are very effective. I also purchased a few new workout toys to go along with my wii fit to increase the difficulty, i can't wait to give those a go. I will do a review on them when i have given them a good workout. Weigh in on Saturday...look for it!

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