Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's not always about the number on the scale

When  you are trying to lose weight, the most important day of the week is Weigh in day. You plan your whole week around it, you countdown to it, you get excited/scared/nervous the night before. It's a really big deal. Those numbers you are going to wake up to can make you extremely happy or bum you out to the point that you are ready to give up.

So many of my dear friends - and myself included - are always super hard on themselves when they are putting so much effort into losing weight, only to be disappointed on weigh in day. We often forget that the scale isn't a tell-all for how we look and feel, it doesn't know everything. It's just a scale.

Do you take measurements? You should. Period.

(Thank you Jackie!)

If you've been in this game a while, you know all about the fact that a single pound of fat takes up more space on your body than a pound of muscle, but the scale doesn't know that. Your measuring tape does! And more importantly your clothing knows! Do not get down on yourself over a number, do not give up. Be proud that you can say you lived the absolute healthiest you could that week, and trust me, your body already knows it!

My weight loss has slowed down and i expected it would so i'm ok with it. I'm still trying to be in the best shape i possibly can be for my honeymoon. Last night i decided to try on some of my summer dresses to see what i could take with me since my honeymoon is only about 7 weeks away. Nothing fit. Nothing. Not a single darn thing! At first, i was really disappointed...My favorite dress - unwearable...but after a couple of minutes it dawned on me that i was able to wear these dresses at my lowest weight before, yet now, they hang on me. I never knew a stretchy fabric could hang on you, because well, when you are as big a girl as i was, you buy the stretchy fabric and just hope it can stretch far enough. So look at that, my point came full weight is the same as two years ago, but my waistline and dress size isn't.

Scales can be not let them steal a moment of victory from you.

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