Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weigh in - 3/19/12

What a week! I have been so busy that i have pretty much passed out by the time 10pm rolls around, and that is my prime internet time since all my kids are in bed. It's been nice to catch up on a little sleep but i have been severely neglecting my internet duties.

Let's start with this weeks weigh in...175! Yep, i am officially down to the lowest weight i have ever been. And when i say that, i don't mean that i was skinny as a teenager and then put on weight. Nope, i probably haven't been this weight since puberty or before. I am smaller now than i was at 13 years old and much much healthier. For that i can say that i am so proud of myself!

This also brings me to 20lbs lost with Weight Watchers, and 105lbs lost total. I am a whole new person and i love it.

I have 5 (ish) weeks left before my tropical vacation. I'm hoping to really push and lose 2lbs a week between now and then. To do so i have done a complete overhaul of my routine. I have been eating much cleaner. Cutting back on processed foods, trying to eat fruits and veggies as my snack and lunch, cutting out sugar, not bringing diet soda or juices into my home (although i will still have a soda out occasionally), avoiding cheese (this use to be an every day snack for me, now cutting back to a couple times a week), aaaand revamping my workouts! That's the exciting one!

So as part of a challenge i am doing with friends, i have posted a new workout every week for all of us to do. I posted one here and that was the "Sexy Legs" workout, and i have others that i will be posting. This is the last week of our current challenge and we are all working really hard to put up the best number possible for the week and end of the challenge. This weeks workout is called "The Savage" and it's pretty awesome, it's an exhaustion workout instead of reps, which means you can make it as difficult as you want. So this week my workouts have been "The Savage" in the mornings, Walking in the afternoons, and another workout in the evenings, either with my Wii or one of my dvd's. I'm hoping that this will really help boost my weight loss and build some of the muscle back that i lost when i was pregnant with my twins.

Another part of my new routine is something i already touched on, i'm getting more sleep! Which is incredibly important to weight loss. My friends and i have discovered that you can "gain" 2-3lbs just by getting a crappy night of sleep. That's motivation to get a really good nights sleep, especially right before weigh in day!

Hopefully this changing up of the routine helps. I'm happy with 1lb a week but i want to make sure i am doing everything possible to look and feel fantastic for my vacation. No Regrets!

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