Sunday, March 11, 2012

Supermom VS. Skinny Diva

It's no secret that i'm a mom. A big part of where i got my motivation was after Loralei was born, i wanted to be healthy for her, to show her a good example, and things just took off from there. Well right about now i am pulling my hair out, trying to find a healthy middle ground between Supermom and Skinny Diva.

It's hard.

Like this week. It's pretty much a complete wash on the Skinny Diva front. My kids - all 3 of them - have decided that this seems like a good week to give up sleeping. Because really, who needs it anyways?

Apparently not mommy!

I just spent 4.5 long hours attempting to get Jasper to sleep, 2.5 of those with him screaming and Loralei crying that she is scared of everything from ghosts to her fuzzy pink blanket. It's now 1am, and my kids JUST fell asleep. Unfortunately that leaves no time for my normal evening workout, and a lot of stress that makes me want to eat my feelings away. This is not a rare occurrence, unfortunately this is almost the nightly "norm" around here. I've come to accept it... my kids don't sleep.

But despite it all, all the stress, all the lack of sleep, all the lack of workouts. I refuse to give up. Sure a supersized Mcdonald's value meal sounds REALLY good right about now, because who doesn't feel better after throwing back 1350 artery clogging calories??? But, i said no. I refuse to stress eat my weight back. Because one day, my babies will sleep through the night (eventually...right?!) and i would prefer to already be skinny, so that i don't have to work 2x as hard when that time comes.

Through it all, i do have an amazing piece of news for myself this week. I'm officially back at my lowest reached weight ever, 176lbs, and ecstatic about it! Now i can move on and see some new numbers that  i've never seen on the scale before. Just have to keep soldiering on.

Nobody said it was easy...

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