Friday, November 5, 2010

Weigh in - 11/5/10

Week 1 of back on the wagon, wow what a good feeling! I'm am so glad that week 1 is over, that means that tomorrow starts the dreaded week 2. I'm going to kick week 2 in the butt, no stalling or little loss for me at the next weigh in! Nope that is not in the plans AT ALL.

This week had it's ups and downs, i didn't get as much working out done as i wanted but i'm working myself back up to the daily workouts. Too much, too soon = something sprained, bruised, twisted, or broken. Not a good way to lose weight!

So i'm pretty happy with my results this week. I lost 1lb and got within ounces of my lowest weight. I'm hoping next week to see a big fat 176 on the scale and say goodbye to this 177-180 yo-yo i've been on for the last month. I also took my measurements this week for the first time since August, i have lost over 10 inches overall since then. Pounds are not the only important thing in the game of losing weight!

I have a friend working with me on a workout schedule to get me back to this so i will check in midweek to let everyone know how that's going. I'm going to be sore and exhausted for sure, but it's going to be totally worth it when i see some awesome numbers next week.

Be on the lookout for some new weight loss progression photos, i'm working on getting those up over the weekend!

Goals for the week -

Lose 2lbs
Workout every single day
Take my vitamins and drink my water (and only water!) every day
Say no to all dining out and temptations

This weeks workout plan -

Saturday - Jillian Michaels: Level 2 30 Day Shred
Sunday - Yoga
Monday - Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
Tuesday - Bob Harper: Pure Burn, Super Strengh: Inside out Method
Wednesday - Free day. Wii fit/ea sports active
Thursday - Bob Harper: Pure Burn, Super Strengh: Inside out Method
Friday - Jillian Michaels: Level 1 30 Day Shred

It's going to be a LONG week!

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