Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weigh In - December 1, 2011

What a week! Strict eating, lot's of exercising, and all around healthier choices. I survived the week after Thanksgiving and it feels GOOD! I also survived the whole month of November pretty well, but i'm going to make December even better!

At my weigh in today i am officially down 5lbs from November 1st. I won't lie, i was hoping for a better number, but mother nature decided to deal me some fabulous cards this week, that along with the fact that i have been doing some major strength training this week, i'm super happy with the 5lbs. I am 7lbs above pre-pregnancy weight and 8lbs from my Christmas goal.

The most exciting part of my weigh in was my measurements. The #1 rule of weight loss should be to always, ALWAYS take your measurements. I *only* lost 5lbs in a month, and that would depress most people. However, i lost 11.75 inches over my body this month. That is HUGE! See what some dedication and healthy choices can do???

I will be doing strength training for the next three days, then cardio the rest of the week until my next weigh in. Send me some workout requests!


  1. OMG Melissa...That's great results. I need to get myself started. Motivation is there...and then it's not. I am 149lbs, not terrible by any means. I am 5lbs above my pregnancy weight. I haven't been able to get myself into any kind of a real routine. I went back to the gym...Good job, right? Not really, been there 3 times in two weeks.
    How are you managing with your babies? Are doing this all at home? How do you handle not eating what your kids/hubby are eating? I am able to stay away from cookies.. But then the boys ask for cookies, I get them 1 or 2 and rarely forget to get one for myself. Even if I manage to leave without getting myself one, eventually, it gets to me.. I get one. I feel like I sugar junkie at times.

    Anyways..Keep up the great work.. You are truly an inspiration.

  2. Monica - It's HARD! I do all my working out at home. Usually with all the kids here with me. I'm trying to get a new routine down and workout at night again because they are all asleep and it makes it easier. Unfortunately i'm also sleepy by then so it hasn't been working so far lol. I'm ok with sweets and junk, it's hard but i just keep my eye on the prize. I also just try to keep it all out of my house. My daughter gets mostly healthy snacks, or i buy her things that i don't like and that keeps me out of it.

    BTW 3 times in two weeks is a great start! Just keep going, you will get there girl!