Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unexpected Motivation

I just had THE most amazing dinner out i have had in a long time. It has been a long day, so on the way back from picking up the munchkins from Grandma's house, we decided to stop for dinner. After long consideration, we finally decided on Ruby Tuesday because neither of us had eaten there in a long time. I was AMAZED when i opened up the menu to find calorie counts right there in front of me, and even more amazed to see just how many healthy options they offered. I'm used to having maybe four things to choose from off of the entire menu if i want to stay healthy but almost half of their menu was healthy, and the offered a ton of side options, not just the usual "fries, rice, mashed potato" items. I chose trout, with grilled zucchini, and a plain baked potato (i ate half), my whole meal clocked in at under 550 calories. That is pretty unheard of for a dinner out, i've had salads that had more calories that that, AND to top it off, the food was really good!

This in itself would have made for a great dinner but to top it off, one of the servers totally made my day. The server at the table behind ours was sharing his story with that table about his weight loss. He had gone from 195lbs up to over 300lbs and then got inspired by a Biggest Loser/Bob Harper ad on the back of a special k box, and has since lost all his weight. Not only that, he was telling the table that he just just completely his first triathalon. I was so inspired and excited for him that i wanted to get up from the table and give him a high five! Unfortunately i was holding a baby and had a 2 year old wrapped around me at the moment so that wasn't really possible but i walked away from dinner with new found motivation. It's amazing how you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places.

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