Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weigh-in 9/20/10 & Vacation

I've been home almost a week and i haven't updated. I'm a slacker. Let's get to it...

Vacation was fantastic. I might not have been at the weight i wanted to be at for it but i still felt pretty confident, and on the plus side some of my clothes and swimsuits were even too big. I also bought all size medium tshirts while there, sure they are relaxed fit but a medium, seriously?!?! This is a girl who could barely fit in an xxl a year ago!

There was some bad eating, i will admit it. I had pizza, i ate a cheeseburger, i even snuck some cookies at one point. Food downfall of the week... I ate at "Lady and Sons" in Savannah, GA. Anyone that has ever watched food network knows what i'm talking about and boy was the food every bit as bad (and good) as i expected it to be. I'm sure i gained 5lbs just by looking at Paula Deen's chocolate chip gooey butter cake sitting on a plate before me, but this is a lifestyle change and not a diet so i ate that piece of cake and i did NOT regret it! Did i feel nauseated and on a sugar high for the rest of the day? Sure, but it was a fantastic vacation treat.

Thanks to my best friend going along, i was active enough to not feel bad about the food choices i made during the week. The first two mornings alone we walked for hours on the beach, and not only that we walked TO the beach and FROM the beach, who needs a car? We swam, walked, rode bikes, climbed stairs to a lighthouse, shopped til we dropped, and spent a whole day at the water park. Somewhere midweek we both came down with a cold, probably from lack of sleep at that point but i refused to let it stop me. I was determined to enjoy my entire vacation and i did. There are even pictures to prove it, AND pictures of me in my (too large!) swimsuit. I may not be tight and toned but i'm pretty proud of how my body looks now, cellulite and all!

So after the bad eating and the cold i caught (which has led to me not getting out of bed much this week) i wasn't even planning on doing a weigh in. I was going to give myself a week to recover and weigh in this friday. That was the slacker me. I gathered all my courage and managed to pull myself onto the scale Monday morning and to my surprise i hadn't gained an ounce! My weight was exactly where it was when i left last Saturday, 179.0! No loss, no gain. I enjoyed my vacation without overdoing it and that makes me ecstatic.

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  1. Hello! So glad to hear you guys had fun on your vacation! You look amazing, and Lori is beautiful.