Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Much needed time off

Long time no update? I'm a terrible slacker some days i know, but this time around i'm a little less of a slacker than it appears.

I have lost down to 178lbs and am currently holding steady there. I'm not thrilled about it but i'm not sad either. Maintaining my weight is a huge thing for me, and i'm only a little over 20lbs from goal so maintaining is going to be my middle name. I might as well get it figured out and used to it now, 20lbs isn't too far away!

However i'm not really plateauing so this is why i'm not too sad. Honestly i'm not working out as much the last couple of weeks. I am trying to stay active but with our big move coming up soon (only a little over a week away!) it's becoming harder and harder to find time to fit everything in. I have been sneaking some light and quick workouts in to stay on track, and packing all these boxes has to count for something right?

I have been at this extremely hard, every single day for almost an entire year. As a matter of fact next Thursday will be my one year mark of my lifestyle change. I am taking some much needed relaxing moments to catch my breath, one year is a long time! However i am far from being out of the race, i'm so close to the finish line! A good friend and I are even working on a website to help motivate other women out there just like us, who just strive to be healthy, that in itself is an amazing motivation to me.

This week will resume my normal weigh in posts so keep an eye out!

Weekly goals -

Squats/pushups challenges - 3 days
Walk 12 miles
Yoga - 2 days
30 Day shred - 2 days

Goal of 1lb loss

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