Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I had no idea that i had muscles there...

SERIOUS workout yesterday. I accomplished almost everything on my list for the day. I didn't get as much walking in as i wanted but it was well over 90 degrees and i wasn't going to take Lori out in that. I did manage to go over my goal on the bike, i wanted to reach 7 miles in 30 minutes, i completed 8.3 before my 30 minute timer went off, and that was with 3 minutes of super slow cool down. As for all the other workouts...i blasted all of those out and BOY do i feel it today!

I'm not going to lie, this is NOT easy, it's one of the hardest things i have ever done. However next to having Lori it is probably the most rewarding pain i have every gone through in my life. Some sick part of me likes the pain that goes along with the workouts, it helps me to know that i am doing something right. I woke up this morning feeling like a semi-truck full of bricks had hit me. I haven't been in that much pain in a loooong time, this was even way above the normal Jillian Michaels butt kicking pain. I hobbled around for the better part of the morning before i started feeling semi human again. I'm still sore but i can actually sit down in a chair without wanting to die. Definite improvement!

Today was another rest day. A very much NEEDED rest day. Good thing i took advantage of it too because tomorrow is going to be just as brutal as yesterday. I have exactly the same schedule. I'm hoping to actually complete it since it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. I could do all my walking in the gym but there are no windows down there and i can only handle so long being stuffed away in a gym.

Despite the rest day i did do my 200 squats/100 pushups challenges. I am now officially caught up and can resume my normal schedule of M/W/F. My poor muscles, i promise you guys get a rest on Saturday!

A friend of mine recently shared this website and i wanted to share it as well. Pretty much everything this guy says is what i have followed. I think he has some fantastic tips to help anyone lose weight and get healthier.

That's all for tonight, long day ahead tomorrow. I'm going to need some serious strength to get through it.

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