Monday, August 30, 2010

Looming Deadlines

Today was a rest day for me. To be honest i hate rest days, they make me feel lazy and useless but i also understand that they are extremely important for my body to repair itself and get me ready for harder workouts. I especially hate them when i am less than two weeks away from a beach vacation...

Even though today was a rest day, i still managed a 30 minute walk and restarted my 100 pushups/200 squats challenges. I completed both challenges a while back but have restarted them because i loved the results i got, especially in my arms. I did my exhaustion tests today, Day 1 will be tomorrow, Day 2 Wednesday, and Day 3 Friday. Then i will resume a normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with it. I have lost a bit of strength in my arms since stopping it, but i'm hoping to gain that back pretty quick.

Tomorrow is going to be a whole day of fitness, i'm probably going to drop into bed at the end of the day and not move. Here is my list...

Walk in the AM with Lori (2 miles planned).
Gym at 3, biking 7 miles, strength work, and couch to 5k on the treadmill (approx 2 hours).
Walk with Megan and Roman at 630 (additional 2-3 miles).
Finish the night with some wii and yoga (approx 60-90 minutes).

Looking at that list makes me want to go to bed right now so i will have plenty of energy! I really want to hit through to over 100lbs lost this week so i'm trying to push hard. The next 4-5 days are going to be exhausting, but hopefully very fulfilling.

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