Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journey to a new me

I had my first baby last year. May 2009 to be exact. Before getting pregnant i had always been a bigger girl, always the "fat friend", the "well at least you have a cute face" girl. When i left the hospital from having my daughter, my weight topped out at it's highest point ever, 280lbs. I had just had a baby, so being fat was expected right? It was ok, i could use her as an excuse. I mean OBVIOUSLY it's ok that i'm fat now because i have a kid. Or so everyone kept telling me...

I was getting SICK of that excuse, it was NOT ok to use my daughter as an excuse to be obese. Sure i gained weight when i was pregnant but that doesn't change the fact that i was already 240lbs before i got pregnant. 240lbs on my 5 foot 7 frame was just not cutting it.

I guess i thought that the weight would just magically disappear. I was already back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, 6 weeks after giving birth. I was using "girdles" to "trick" people into thinking that i already had my normal shape back. My normal ROUND shape...

One night in October 2009, i was getting ready for bed and looked in my mirror. I did NOT even recognize the girl i saw and i broke down. I was still weighing in over 260lbs, and i was devastated that i had let it get so out of hand. So right then and there i decided that i was done. I logged in to some message boards i am a member of and put out a plea for help, asking anyone for advice and support. I got several responses and i started thinking that maybe, with some help, i could do this.

One fellow mommy stepped up and agreed to help keep me in check every single day. She offered advice, workouts, and a little tough love when i needed it. Slowly, with a lot of hard work and healthier eating, the pounds started melting away. I lost over 7lbs my first week, and that gave me the motivation to keep going.

The months followed and i surprised myself by keeping up with things. I was working out regularly, eating more healthy than i ever had, and losing more weight than ever before. I was telling everyone i knew about what i was doing so they would help keep me accountable and i soon had a whole group of supporters that refused to let me fail.

It has been almost one year since that night in October that i decided on a change and 15 months since my daughter was born, and i have shed almost 100lbs. I still have ups and downs, but every day is a new beginning and i am determined to see this journey through to the end.

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  1. You are doing so well! Maybe you can inspire me to get off my butt and start exercising : )