Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reach For The Sparkly Stars

Happy New Year!

We are back from our Holiday travels finally, and brought back with us the flu. Not the - Lose 10lbs overnight while praying to the porcelain gods - flu but the - I feel like a mac truck rolled over me and i'm coughing up a lung while hallucinating that there are pink bunnies in the room with me - flu. Ah, fun!

Due to this i'm sure i have gained an easy 10lbs. I'm unable to workout, and fast food has become a go to lately. Regardless, it's a new year, and time to reach my goals! So while sick i am figuring out my plan on how i'm going to lose the remainder of my weight (along with that brand new 10lbs, ugh). So out comes my trusty notebook and pen, my poster board, markers, and star stickers. Oh yes, i am a crazy planner. You don't get this far without being crazy prepared and organized! I make lists for everything, if i make a list for it, it gets done. If i don't make a list for it, i will talk about how i need to make a list for it or it won't get done. Drives my Husband absolutely crazy. When i pull out my pen and paper, he practically has to hold himself back from rolling his eyes.

Other than the list, there is...


You know $#!t has gotten real when the chart comes out. If you visited my old apartment, you probably saw my chart hanging behind my back door, in all it's sparkly star glory. That chart showed countless hours of workouts and good eating, a star for every glass of water, and a star for every day i didn't drink a soda. It also showed a 13lb loss over a 5 week timespan.


Well assuming this nasty flu is letting up by Monday. There will be a new chart on the wall, and lists all over the kitchen. The food scale will be dusted off, and wrappers will be coming off of all the new workouts i got for Christmas.

Operation Goal: 2013 full steam ahead!

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