Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Dance 4 - Review

5 hours.

That's how long i have played this game since Monday, and that is not even including today! I love it, seriously. As much as i loved Just Dance 3, i love this one 100x more. My husband says he really can't see a huge difference in the two but i can. To me, it is worlds different, and super addicting!

So far, here's what i see that is different -

Just Sweat and Just Dance are two completely different categories now, there aren't just sweat points that you can earn, it's a whole new system. You get to choose whole new routines that keep you moving nonstop. My major complaint about the last game was that i would have to stop and choose my next song, so my heart rate was coming down while doing so but this one keeps you moving. Not only are there routines but each one has a theme, there's cheer camp (set to punk rock music), latin dance (world music), and even a kickboxing/martial arts routine. It also chooses your next song based on your intensity. AWESOME. It shows you if you are losing steam or heating up, i love this feature and it really helps me push myself to see how far i can go. Then you get to choose how long your workout will be, 10 - 45 minutes long, and at the very end you get a cool down portion of stretching. They are finally getting that people are using these games for weight loss and have incorporated all these features to help.

The new features don't stop there, that's just how the Just Sweat portion of the game differs from the last game. There are tons of new songs, obviously, and the routines are harder. You also have different goals on every song, not just getting gold moves, it wants you to perfect the dance. This is cool because it's more like a game, it's something to work toward so it keeps you coming back.

This game has also added something called "Mojo" points. You receive points for every song you finish, and points for completing goals. Once you level up with these points, you unlock new features, sometimes even whole new dance routines.

You can buy songs. I love this, love it. When you think you are getting bored with the game, but still want to play it, you can just download more songs for it. I have the wii version and wii points aren't all that expensive so i love it. No need for a whole new game when you are getting bored, just a new song to perfect.

So what's the best part about this game? It's addicting, it's FUN, and it will make you drip in sweat if you want it to. You will laugh at yourself through some routines, and feel like a rockstar while doing others. You will want to workout, without even realizing you are working out, and you will definitely 100% not be bored.

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