Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the (skinny) Race

My weight loss has, sadly, stalled. Probably from all the junk i shovel in my mouth. My diet is less than healthy these days. I've always been an advocate of eating your cravings so that you don't wind up over indulging but my cravings are taking top priority these days. Now not to use my beautiful kids as an excuse, because this is all on me, but it is partly due to the fact that i don't sleep. Ever.

I'm finding it harder to fit in "diet" and exercise with 3 kids underfoot. It was pretty easy with Lori. Everyone was always asking me how i did it but there was no real secret. Lori went to bed at 10pm and i went to workout. She was a great sleeper, so there were never any problems. Now i have a 2.5 year old that absolutely refuses to sleep, and 4 month old twins that wouldn't know the meaning of sleep any more than how to solve an algebra problem. They are cute, but sleepers they are not. So sleepless babies + sleepless toddler + cooking and cleaning for a family of 5 = a lot of junk food and little time for working out. I will not be defeated!

I'm still hovering around 190lbs. My lowest was 176, and i got pregnant around 181. Not too bad on the whole, but not where i want to be. I don't want to be fitting in my prepregnancy clothing, i want it to be too big, and i promise that soon it will be. I have 35lbs to ultimate goal, and i will make it. My short term goal is 10lbs by Christmas, the rest by Lori's 3rd birthday, it just seems fitting. My journey started after she was born, losing close to 150lbs by the time she is 3 is a fantastic achievement, i can totally do it.

I have started back at the bottom. I did lose tons of muscle while on bed rest with the twins, so jumping back on the wagon with Bob Harper workouts and p90x is totally not happening right now, but i started with my wii fit, and that's where i'm starting again.

I will not fail. The countdown is on.

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