Monday, August 15, 2011

Back On The Wagon

Today is the day I am slowly getting back into my weight loss journey. It doesn't happen overnight, i'm going to have a hard time remembering that. I'm starting this week with cutting back on my calories, but only skimming a little off because i need my extra calories right now for nursing my twins. I'm also getting back in to being active. Not sure that i'm quite ready to pick my 30 Day Shred routine back up quite yet, but definitely ready to get moving and out of the house again. Next Monday I will be cutting out all soda, fast food, and sweets for 2 weeks to retrain my body to healthier eating. Then will continue the normal routine i had of only eating those things on my one cheat day a week. Sadly, in my new place, i don't have a gym to use so i'm going to have to be more creative with my workouts. I also can't be spending 2-3 hours a day on workouts with 3 little ones under foot now so suggestions on quick workouts would be great! Here is my plan for Back on the wagon: Week 1...

Food - Cutting back on calories and portion sizes. Will start to really shock my body back to normal on Week 2.

Workouts -

Monday - 2 Mile Walk
Tuesday - 1 hour Wii
Wednesday - 2 Mile Walk & Yoga
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 1 hour wii
Saturday - Walk
Sunday - Rest

Week 2 will include longer walks, and at least one day of Jillian Michael's workouts assuming i get my doctor's ok.

I'm starting this week at 196 and hoping for a 1.5lb loss. It's going to be hard getting back in the swing of things and figuring out what works again, but i'm up for the challenge.


  1. When you do your yoga, is it on a dvd or do you use the yoga on the Wii? Just curious.

  2. A little bit of both. I prefer the yoga on the wii, and then i just build on those moves. Otherwise i do random yoga videos on Youtube.

  3. When you are doing your walks is it the at home or out.... I started doin g the at home and got bored so I took them outside ...and as for the Soda do you cut that completely out all at once , it's my biggest downfall and I need to get rid of it once and for all...

  4. I do my walks outside, i HAVE to have a constant change of scenery or i go crazy. Soda i cut all at once because i crave it like crazy. Once i hit about 4 days without it i don't want it any more. I do allow myself to have some after the initial 2 weeks of no cheats, but only on my cheat days then and i never buy it and bring it home, i have to drink it only if i'm out somewhere.