Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recent Happenings - Plus Weigh-in!

My four week challenge of not weighing in was a complete success! Over the 4 weeks of just focusing on being healthy i managed to dance my way down 5.5lbs. The following week, i was down another 1.3lbs so i'm almost 7lbs down over 5 weeks time. It's a Valentine's day miracle! Well, not really, it's because i said no to chocolate on Valentine's day. Self-control people!

Which brings us to another weigh in tomorrow, we'll see how that one goes! My new goal is to be down 10lbs and a dress size by April 6th. Holiday weight be gone.

So speaking of Valentine's day. This year instead of doing the traditional binge on sweets and grease or pasta we had a healthy dinner of sushi. Way to stay on plan! I'm super proud of hubby and i for having a great 6 weeks in the eating department. We still have a ways to go to get us back where we were before my pregnancy with the twins but we are well on our way.

I started Weight Watchers back this week. SO happy about that. I adore Weight Watchers. It really seems to help simplify things for me and takes the guesswork out of which foods are good to eat. 5 points for those potato chips or 0 points for that bowl of pineapple? HELLO easy decisions.

I'm also starting a new workout routine of every other day now. My workouts are getting harder and my muscles are getting more sore every time so my body needs the time off to recover. It will be interesting. I'm so stuck on having to workout every single day that it feels like i'm cheating to take a day off.

Non fitness related news -

My kids are wild and crazy and i'm pretty sure i will never sleep again!

People always ask me how i do it and how i find the time and they assume my kids are nice and calm, play to themselves, sleep when they are supposed to.


Not even a little bit.

I'm tired. I am ALWAYS tired. I am ALWAYS busy. My monsters (twins) do not take care of themselves, nor are they ever quiet. They are the biggest challenge i have ever faced. Losing 100lbs was easier. Giving up chocolate would be easier. Shaving my head and getting a tattoo on my face...




The twins still do not sleep through the night, the are opinionated, loud, and rambunctious. This mama was not made to handle rough and tumble boys! They are starting to talk, but still not able to which upsets them that we don't always understand their wants and needs. They are teething canines (finally their last teeth!), they are running a mile a minute, and showing more personality every day. It's very obvious that D will be the ringleader of everyone and will take roll as the bossy older brother - even of L. J is adorable, and loving, but when he's unhappy, everyone within a mile radius knows. J is also quite the womanizer and has been stopped numerous times trying to run off with pretty women of his liking.

L is finally through the "terrible 2's &3's" and is amazingly smart. No argument can be won against her because she will logically explain how she is right and you are wrong. She is also an amazing big sister, and mommy's helper. I can only hope that the monsters grow up to be as great a kid as she is.

Together they are all a massive handful. I'm glad they are all so close together in age, they are all best friends already, but they are tough. Most days i am begging for bedtime by 5pm, somewhere around the time that i'm trying to cook dinner while D is hanging off my leg screaming, J is trying to stick his hand in the hot oven, and L is running around the room in circles acting like she's on fire, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

So how do i do it?

I'll get back to you on that in about five years!

For now, Eat, sleep, breathe, laugh, love, enjoy, repeat!

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